Gelato Parlor Conference at Sigep - - 02/11/2017

On Saturday 20th January 2018, Neri Room 2 will host the conference “Going Global”, promoted by Sistema SIGEP. This event has been, for over a decade, an absolute reference point for trade members who intend opening an Italian gelato parlor abroad, with a focus this year on the United States.

This will therefore be an opening under the banner of internationality for the 39th edition of SIGEP, the international artisan confectionery expo organized by Italian Exhibition Group (Rimini expo center, from 20th to 24th January 2018).

Italian Gelato and the United States: what potential and prospects are there? The reply will come from the “Going Global” conference, with the participation of important key players, such as the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast and consultancy companies specialized in assistance for setting up business in the United States. Valuable indications will come from Colliers International, the company specialized in commercial real estate research worldwide. The meeting’s agenda will be further enriched by the corporate report by a business woman who has opened a new gelato parlor at Disney Springs in Orlando.

Why focus precisely on the United States? On the world gelato market – which can count on over 100,000 gelato parlors round the globe, with a current turnover of 15 billion euros, and average annual growth of 4% between 2015 and 2018 – the United States is the “hottest” spot. A particular concentration of artisan gelato parlors, which throughout the entire US have now reached 1,000, is reported in Florida and, generally speaking, on the East Coast. There are numerous reasons, from the favorable temperatures to the great number of tourists and large theme parks, which increase tourist traffic throughout the year.

Antonio Verga Falzacappa, Administrator of Sistema Gelato, promoter along with SIGEP of the “Going Global” conference, anticipates: “In recent years, the US market has undergone a great acceleration in the  gelato sector – Italian gelato is increasingly popular in America, not only because it is a well-made artisan product, but also thanks to its undisputable evocative strength: eating gelato is increasingly an experience that goes well beyond the actual consumption and recalls the emotions of trips to Italy. So gelato is one of the most powerful tools for promoting Italy. It is no coincidence that the venues’ design and décor count on recalling this unique experience.”

The aim of “Going Global” will be to provide accurate information and operational tools, for greater awareness when facing the overseas market. There will be a detailed analysis of how to work in the American sector, the critical aspects and the difficulties to be faced, with special in-depth coverage of the delicate issue of the choice of location.

With over 40,000 gelato parlors in Italy and approximately 60,000 abroad, international markets represent the real development opportunity for the sector.