From January to May + 350% ice cream orders | Time 24 News

Rome, July 22 (askanews) – Deliveroo, to observe and better analyze the evolution of this specific market segment, in collaboration with Sistema Gelato, leader in strategic consultancy for the ice cream supply chain, launches the first “Gelato-Delivery” Observatory. A container capable not only of telling and analyzing consumer trends and habits, but a “place” for the sharing of experiences and know-how for sector professionals and professionals.

“The need to give life to this observatory stems first of all from the numbers – explains Matteo Sarzana, General Manager Deliveroo Italy -. From January to May, in the midst of the lockdown, ice cream experienced a growth in orders on our platform of 350 It is therefore a segment of great interest which we want to contribute to by supporting our partner ice cream shops in a development path of which this Observatory wants to be the protagonist and leader “.

“Delivery is acquiring an increasingly important role in ice cream parlor – declares Antonio Verga Falzacappa, Founder of Sistema Gelato -. Deliveroo’s, in particular, a highly appreciated service – he adds – which allows it to intercept new customers, supports sales in the segment hourly after dinner and in the low season, seasonally consuming consumption. Product and packaging will find ad hoc variations that the Observatory will not fail to monitor in the interest of professionals in the sector “.

Orders and ice cream shops on the platform are growing: there are 1,100 ice cream parlors to date on Deliveroo. A figure that is the result of an 18% growth, in the last year, of ice cream shops that have decided to rely on Deliveroo to reach new consumers and increase their turnover. In parallel, orders have also grown in the last year. In May 2020, compared to May 2019, the increase in orders of ice cream on Deliveroo was 215%.

From the beginning of the year to May, the trend of ice cream orders has grown by 350%. An increase that has gone through the entire lockdown period, confirming that the Italians at home, thanks to food delivery, have also found moments of normalcy and a new habit of consumption mainly linked, in the past, to the outside thanks to food delivery. -home.